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Northeast Ohio Art Expo Roars Back to Life After Seventeen Years

It’s back and it’s cranky, because it’s seventeen, and what self-respecting seventeen-year-old isn’t cranky? The story goes that the state of Ohio was looking to snare some funds from the long-defunct Northeast Ohio Art Dealers Association’s equally dusty and unused bank account. This caused the NOADA, or what had once been the NOADA, to bristle slightly. Then they figured, ah, let’s just put on another expo. Cleveland’s got galleries, lots and lots of them; they’re just all over the place. So – this Friday, starting at 5 at the old MOCA Cleveland location on Carnegie Avenue, the opening reception for the all-new, spit-shined, newly reborn Northeast Ohio Art Dealers Association Expo gets underway, and there will be music and food, maybe, but art, definitely, and lots of it. (FULL ARTICLE: Steven Litt, Cleveland Plain Dealer)