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Now, Apparently, ‘Ghost: The Musical’ Isn’t That Bad

You know, producers and directors and actors hype shows to a deafening pitch, mostly because they have to in order to avoid getting overlooked, especially when the show is heading to Broadway, because you will spend some serious money staging a show on Broadway, obviously. So people have been talking about Ghost: The Musical for months now, and with good reason: it got solid reviews in London, it’s based on a fairly beloved, relatively recent film, and there’s a chance that seeing it will allow us to bask in the reflected glow of The Swayze one more time – although probably not much of a chance, because the world still hasn’t processed what was lost when we lost The Swayze – and, hey, ghosts and true love and all that. Then it opened to the rousing sounds of reviewers beating the living hell out of it. Which means it’s Reappraisal Time! Stepping out on the limb here is Time‘s Richard Zoglin, who says that, contrary to popular wisdom, Ghost is not only not the worst musical of the season, but one of the best, because it is… a serious look at mortality? Huh. (FULL ARTICLE: Richard Zoglin, Time)