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Now Broadway Loves It When You Make Movies Out Of Its Shows

For decades, Broadway wanted nothing to do with any potential movie adaptations of its current productions. If a show was on its last legs, Broadway producers would sometimes relent, but current hit shows were verboten. It somehow took until the success of the film version of Chicago in 2002 – and to a lesser extent 2004’s Phantom of the Opera – to change Broadway’s mind. Which, what? They’re two entirely different media – to say nothing of the fact that films can easily go global, while Broadway is a couple dozen blocks in Manhattan. Did the concept of proximity never occur to them? At any rate, since 2002, Broadway has veritably been salivating over film adaptations, ushering them on; witness War Horse, for starters, or Mamma Mia! And it goes the other way, too: you know they’re making a musical version of Rocky, right? (FULL ARTICLE: Patrick Healy, The New York Times)