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Now Tim Kazurinsky’s a Stage Actor

Tim Kazurinsky was on Saturday Night Live in the early 1980s, during that show’s shaky transition away from the original Not Ready for Prime Time Players. He wrote an adaptation of David Mamet’s Sexual Perversity in Chicago which became the cult hit About Last Night… in 1986, thought, “Hey, that seems like a larf,” and burned away twenty years or so at the word processor. Screenwriting is again rapidly becoming a mug’s game, though, and Kazurinsky was scratching around for something to do a couple of years ago when George Wendt called him up and talked him into doing The Odd Couple. All of which is to say that Kazurinsky, at 61, now has himself another career, and his skill within it can be easily witnessed in, of all things, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which Chicago Shakes is unrolling tonight. (FULL ARTICLE: Mark Caro, Chicago Tribune)