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Odds of Fisk-Crystal Bridges Deal Get Much Better

Institutions, particularly institutions of higher learning, have presumably been saying things like, oh, I don’t know, “WE HAVE NO MONEY PLEASE GIVE US MONEY” for decades, but ever since the global economy broke in half and (nearly, we hope) sank four years ago, it seems like the call’s been getting a little louder and more urgent. Okay, let’s take them at their word. Here, on one side, we have Nashville’s Fisk University, which does not have much money, and which, as a result, would very much like to sell a half-share of their Stieglitz collection to notable Wealthy Persontm Alice Walton, who as a Wealthy Persontm has lots and lots of money. Ms. Walton, in turn, has offered the Fisk $30 million for said half-share, which is obviously a big ol’ chunk of money. But. BUT. Georgia O’Keeffe, who donated the Stieglitz collection to the Fisk in the first place, specified that it was never to be sold or broken up under any circumstances. Also, the Association of Academic Museums and Galleries think that this whole business is very naughty indeed. Oh, well, the Tennessee Supreme Court has rejected the state’s appeal, and now it looks like the Fisk will get its money and Crystal Bridges will get its half-share. (FULL ARTICLE: David Ng, Culture Monster, Los Angeles Times)