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Off-Color Muppetry at Just for Laughs Fest

Now, of COURSE Jim Henson never let Kermit and Gonzo and Miss Piggy get up to something as unsavory as cussin’, are you crazy? That’s not the sort of thing that Jim Henson would have approved of, not at all, not even for a minute. But nobody’s entirely squeaky clean (except Mister Rogers; seriously, read up, that guy was a saint) and so Jim Henson, and Frank Oz and all the rest of the gentle reprobates that populated Jim Henson Productions, would throw down, once in awhile, when the cameras weren’t running, which not only led to the characters becoming much more rounded and complex but also gave us the ability to hope and envision that maybe, one night, during a long, long rehearsal, Kermit and Piggy dispelled with all the euphemisms and started calling each other “sailor” and “love pocket,” because that is a very funny notion. And though we’ll not see the legendary Muppets at the TBS Just for Laughs Festival this week, a little raunchy Muppetry is on the menu in the form of Stuffed and Unstrung, which is “adult-themed” and mostly improvisational and populated by a bunch of puppets called “Miskreants” free, finally, to be their filthy selves. (FULL ARTICLE: Mike Thomas, Chicago Sun-Times)