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Old Globe’s ‘Nobody Loves You’ Takes on Reality TV, Which is Still A Thing

Somebody had to do it, we suppose; the genre’s too ripe for satire, even if it does manage to be more self-satirizing than any scripted production could possibly be. The thing about it – and of course here we’re talking about reality television, because this is where the path inevitably led today – is that there is SO MUCH of it, and SO MUCH of it is just awful, and networks keep making it because it is cheap and there are eighteen thousand channels to fill now. (Of course we maybe as a society could elect to not pay as much attention to it, maybe, which would make it all hurt just a little less, but what would we talk about if we weren’t talking about baby bumps and whatever that Real Housewife that looks like she was carved out of wax said after her ninth glass of shiraz? World affairs?) And yet, there had not yet been a musical devoted to this odd phenomena that is rolling into its second decade and is only now beginning to show signs of faltering, until now, with Nobody Loves You, which opens at the Sheryl and Harvey Theater at the Old Globe tomorrow night and runs for precisely a calendar month, to June 17. (FULL ARTICLE: James Herbert, San Diego Union-Tribune)