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Pay Attention to Whatever This Is: Jim Findlay’s ‘Botanica’ at 3LD Art and Technology Center

Seriously: whatever this thing is, it’s worth taking a close look at. Theater as sensory overload? Jim Findlay’s one of those downtown NYC guys that they don’t really make any more, for any number of reasons – skyrocketing rent, no space, a desperation for the dollar, the fact that everyone wants to sell out now. ¬†Guy’s got skills, though. He used to be a set designer for the Wooster Group and Ridge Theater and lots of others, and now he’s a director and he’s got this… thing called Botanica up at the 3LD Center on Greenwich St. Plants? A giant terrarium? Tasers? Who the hell knows. Just take a look at the pictures and read the write-up and try to convince yourself you don’t want to go see it. (FULL ARTICLE: Eric Grode, The New York Times)