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‘Pianist of Willesden Lane’ Honors Motherly Devotion

Mona Golabek’s mother was supposed to be getting ready for her debut as a concert pianist in Vienna in 1938, but life intervened, and in crushing fashion; look at the year, look at the city – you can probably figure out what happened. Lisa Golabek, however, found her way onto the Kindertransport and got through the war in England, held onto her music with fervor, and passed the desire, the drive and at least some of the ability to her daughters, both of whom became concert pianists as well. Now Mona Golabek has written a book, The Children of Willesden Lane dealing with her mother’s experiences in England; Golabek’s one-woman show, based on the book, is a combination piano recital and play that premieres tonight at the Geffen Playhouse. (FULL ARTICLE: Cynthia Citron, L.A. Stage Times)