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Premiere of Samuel D. Hunter’s A Permanent Image at Boise Contemporary Theater

It’s already somehow November 17, which means that the holidays are just about here. Which might mean you’re currently bracing yourself for seeing people you haven’t seen since the holidays last year, and the less said about last year, the better. (Maybe this year you should just send a video. Or pretend you have the flu.) Interfamilial turmoil is a cliche, sure, but it’s not like cliches spring fully formed into being – they evolve, over time, because at root they describe fundamental truths. Of course, some examples are more extreme than others. Witness the family in Samuel Hunter’s new A Permanent Image, which gets its world premiere at Boise Contemporary Theater next Saturday, Nov. 26th (previews start on the 22nd). (FULL ARTICLE: Talyn Brumley, Boise Weekly)