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Proof That Theater is Not Elitist, At Least Not in Oregon

That’s actually true pretty much everywhere; we’ve talked about it a bit before, but it’s worth saying again: When people talk about “theater” being too elitist and too expensive, generally what they’re talking about are those gigantic Broadway spectacles which, yes, can get fairly pricey. It’s the nature of the beast, when you consider salaries for the cast, theater rental fees, advertising, the elaborate sets, and all of the half-a-thousand other things that go into a gigantic production like The Lion King or Les Mis. There are also – and this is just taking New York into consideration – dozens upon dozens of shows in smaller houses, every night, that will not cause you to have to take out a third mortgage or harvest a kidney in order to go and see one of them. Oregon ArtsWatch‘s Bob Hicks would also like everyone to relax a bit and stop complaining so much, and to that end, he’s put together quite a nice little collection of evidence that yes, you can go to the theater and come home with person and pocketbook intact. (FULL ARTICLE: Bob Hicks, Oregon ArtsWatch)