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Reconstructed ‘Cardenio’ Christens IUPUI’s New Campus Center Theater

Considering he’s the most famous writer that has ever been, or will ever be, there is a whole raft of stuff we don’t know – and never will know – about William F. Shakespeare (the “f” is for “f&*$!n'”. You’re welcome.) Including, of course, Love’s Labour’s Won and Cardenio, the pair of plays that we’re pretty sure Shakespeare wrote, probably, that have been lost over the centuries. About Love’s Labour’s Won, we know next to nothing – a couple of offhand contemporary mentions is about the whole of it – but Cardenio fared a little better, in that it’s recorded to have been performed in 1613 by the King’s Men. Then, nothing for a century or so, until an English playwright in 1727 claimed to have found fragments of the play and, ohbytheway, used them to write his own play, which is probably just as good as Shakespeare, right? Anyway, now, nearly four hundred years later, Gary Taylor has, after two decades of effort, cobbled together a usable version of the play, utilizing all manner of texts and references and whatnot, and it’s this History of Cardenio that will have its world premiere on April 19 at IUPUI’s new Campus Center Theater. (FULL ARTICLE: Rita Kohn, NUVO)