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Regardless of the Controversy, Philly is Lapping Up Tickets to the New Barnes Foundation

Donors and curators and lawyers – these are the people that usually care about where a museum is, what someone’s last wishes were, and whether or not said wishes are legally admissible in court. The museum’s patrons, or potential patrons, might have a bit of a dog in the fight, but by and large they want the space to be clean and well-appointed, they want the art to be presented coherently, and they want to, every once in awhile, see something they hadn’t seen before. This at least is what’s currently happening with the new Barnes Foundation, which was so crazily wrapped up in litigation and controversy over its move from Merion to Philadelphia that they made a documentary about it. Now that the move’s complete, mostly, now all that anyone’s really interested in is whether or not people will come. Judging by the advance sales for the new Barnes, they’ve got nothing to worry about. (Stephan Salisbury, Philadelphia Inquirer)