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Relive the Horror of the Eighties at Atlanta’s Beep Beep Gallery

The Beep Beep Gallery is small – a realtor would call it ‘cozy’, which is only one of many, many reasons why you should never trust a realtor – and yet Jason Kofke and Chris Chambers have managed to contain nearly the whole of mainstream Eighties culture within its walls. The pair’s new The Ends show runs through April 28 and is stuffed with representations of that shallow, plasticine decade: vintage TVs playing videos of the Challenger explosion, a Pontiac Fiero parked smack in the middle of the place, transcripts of speeches by Reagan typed out and hung on the walls, among other – many other – things. ¬†About all that’s lacking is some dude standing in the corner with his hair all gelled up with L.A. Looks, wearing Wayfarers and a yellow polka-dot shirt with suspenders. We would be at this show right now if we were in Atlanta. (FULL ARTICLE: Felicia Feaster, Creative Loafing Atlanta)