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Sanspointe Dance’s ‘Golden Record’ Takes Wing at Avondale Library

We are now past Memorial Day, which means that the Road to Summer is open and we are ON IT, and hey! There is nothing going on! Much! (In the arts. Or maybe everywhere. Definitely in the arts, though.) This, however, is, and is quite nice, so maybe if you are in Birmingham tonight you should give it some thought: The Golden Records are now way, way past the outer edge of the Solar System, each one strapped to the side of a Voyager probe. You can find what exactly is on each one (some Mozart, some Bach, “Johnny B. Goode”, etc.) and sit at home and listen/watch/read all by your lonesome self, but where’s the fun in that? Dramatic interpretation is what we are talking about, here, in dance, it is tonight at the Avondale branch of the Birmingham Public Library and Sanspointe Dance Co. will throw down. Dig it. Then go outside and wave to Voyager. (Just wave at the sky, alright.) (FULL ARTICLE: Michael Huebner, The Birmingham News)