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Sculpture at JFK Will Not Be Replaced By Fast Food

Well. Apparently, John F. Kennedy International Airport, despite being by far the busiest airport in the United States, is experiencing some budget shortfalls, because why wouldn’t it be. So managers at Terminal 1 took a look around for potential sources of new revenue, and hit upon a plan to get rid of a big sculpture by Alice Aycock in favor of more food stands, because what JFK really needs, clearly, is another Sbarro. The fact that Aycock’s sculpture, “Star Sifter,” also serves the neat trick of (slightly) increasing security (and decorum) by keeping people on the second level from dropping things to – or on – passengers on the lower level – who have already passed through security by the time they reach the sculpture – apparently never occurred to anyone. (FULL ARTICLE: Kyle Chayka, Blouin ARTINFO)