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Shots of Stalled Progress at Vegas’ Winchester Cultural Center

Las Vegas was a boom town not long ago, anyone remember that? The sky was the limit. Maybe not even the sky: think of the Luxor Sky Beam, which you can probably see from the moon. Vegas was an artificial force of nature, it seemed, destined to grow unceasingly because there will never be a shortage of people willing to come out to the desert, get dazzled by the neon, have a great time, and lose all their money. In retrospect, we all forgot that the desert’s mostly sand; the crash of 2008 hit Vegas harder than any place but Detroit, probably. Tony Flanagan’s poignant new photo exhibit To the Neon Gods They Made takes a long, evocative look at some projects around town that got swallowed up by the economic sinkhole. It’s only up until January 20, so get a move on. (FULL ARTICLE: Steve Bornfeld, Las Vegas Review-Journal)