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Site-Specific Salute to the Golden Gate Bridge Opens Friday at Fort Point

This here installation at the Point, International Orange, will be large. Of course, it’s a salute to the Golden Gate Bridge on the occasion of its 75th anniversary, so maybe it won’t be large enough? This is always a possibility. But it seems fairly safe to say that the fifteen artists tapped for the installation have pulled out all the stops that they could find in order to lay a proper tribute at the feet of the big orange expanse; International Orange is three stories tall, has taken over the whole of Fort Point, and ohbytheway is free and will be up throughout the summer and into October, so go take a look at the bunting and the aged stonework and smell the salty air and think about all of the sad, lonely people who are not there, where you are, right then, in all of that beauty. (FULL ARTICLE: Sam Whiting, San Francisco Chronicle)