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Spaghetti and Love and Some Other Stuff in Hartford

Giulia Melucci published I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti in 2008; in it she recounted a spate of less-than-ideal boyfriends, all of whom, apparently, she made homemade pasta for (and, incidentally, all of those guys are idiots, if you find a woman who will make you homemade pasta you keep her) and none of whom were worth half a damn, because, ick.

Cut to: Antoinette LaVecchia, in her kitchen, cranking out fresh, homemade pasta, working on a red sauce, and readying herself for the June 8 debut of her new one-woman show, also called I Loved, I etc. Adapted for the stage from Melucci’s book by Jacques Lamarre, it’s going to be one of those sort-of audience participation shows: Antoinette’s going to feed roughly ten tables in the front section during every show on fresh pasta and homemade red gravy and wine and antipasti and salad and I am now very hungry go to this show Hartford it’s at TheaterWorks starting June 8 thanks. (FULL ARTICLE: Frank Rizzo, Hartford Courant)