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St. Ann’s Caps Off Water Street with ‘Festen’

By which we mean, this Festen (the Celebration), a gargantuan stage spectacle by Polish theater company TR Warszawa that’s based on a 1998 Dogme 95 film by Danish director Thomas Vinterberg, is the last full run of a show at the huge St. Ann’s Warehouse space on Water Street in DUMBO. (Every single time I think of that neighborhood, I think: “No, seriously, what’s it called?” New York City, man, the place where you pay two grand a month to live under a bridge in a neighborhood named after a cartoon elephant. Anyway.) St. Ann’s is moving to a place on Jay St. in the fall, not far away from its current location, but still – the new place is untested, so who knows how it’s all going to shake out? Many, many mad things happen in this play, mostly involving people getting possessed to various degrees by violently unpleasant spirits, and it’s presented in Polish with English subtitles – which, when spoken, believe me, Polish is a beautiful language, musical, even – and besides, it’s getting warmer, and closer to summer, and that’s the time of year when mad theatrical spectacles make the most sense. So: St. Ann’s Warehouse. The last big one in the old place. Festen. You have one week. (FULL ARTICLE: Ben Brantley, The New York Times)