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St. Pete’s Arts Center Is A House of ‘Wax’

You think of wax, you probably don’t necessarily think of permanence, right? Most everyone probably thinks of candles (or ears, maybe, but it’s right before lunch, so we’ll try not to spoil everyone’s appetite) which seem fragile objects at first glance, but a candle only melts once you light it on fire. Leave that thing intact, don’t set flame to it, and it’ll be around until the Earth spirals into the Sun, at which point it will probably melt very quickly. Since that’s not supposed to happen until 2019 or so at the earliest, the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg is devoting the next couple of months to Wax: Medium Meets Message, an exhibition featuring the work of nine artists, all of whom work extensively in wax. Encaustic paintings, sculptures, and a giant installation by Lorrie Fredette (“The Great Silence”, left), all up at the Morean through May 28. (FULL ARTICLE: Megan Voeller, Creative Loafing Tampa)