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Stage Version of ‘Ulysses’ Up at the University of Cincinnati

Joyce's sketch of Bloom

There isn’t much more to say about James Joyce’s Ulysses that hasn’t already been said, but here goes: Ulysses is a howling volcano of a novel, and the only thing that really happens in it is: a guy walks around Dublin while his wife cheats on him and, later, hangs out with this drunk dude. (Things like that – pithy summations of a book that contains between its covers the whole of the world – have long since been said, too. Bear with us.) Trying to imagine what it would be like to adapt the novel for the stage – not in the manner of Ulysses in Nighttown or some other, similar abridgment, but the whole, sprawling, verbose, fractured, serpentine thing – is enough to drive you close to the edge of madness. And yet, tonight at 8, on the stage of Cohen Family Studio Theater at the University of Cincinnati, the fruits of Alison Vodnoy Wolf’s efforts to do just that, adapt Ulysses, in full, for the stage, without going insane – in which effort, presumably, she has been successful – will be on display for the first time. (FULL ARTICLE: Jackie Demaline, Cincinnati Enquirer)