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Stockton Chorale Turns a Healthy 60 on Saturday

In 1952, Hank Williams was still alive, and there was no such thing as a sock hop. (Incidentally, how many people got injured, on average, at a sock hop, do you think? Bunch of teenagers sliding around a gymnasium in their socks? I’m going to go with – eight. Let’s say eight.) In 1952, we were five years away from Sputnik, and JFK was in the House. It was a while ago, is what we’re really saying, I suppose, and we say this solely to illustrate that the Stockton Chorale has a birthday coming up, and it’s a big one, even if sixty isn’t quite what it used to be. That’s six decades, and by all measures the Chorale’s just about as strong as it’s ever been. Twenty bucks this weekend will allow you to decide that for yourself, as the Chorale moves through Bach’s Magnificat in D and Schubert’s Mass in B-Flat Major on Saturday at the Spanos Concert hall at U of the Pacific. (FULL ARTICLE: Tony Sauro, Stockton Record)