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Strawberry Festival, Meet Street Art

All Sean Thomas wanted to do was work at Costco and hang out with his wife. Then the voices started: “Oooooh… Sean Thomas… what will you get your wife… for your ANNIVERSARY…” You can only go to the champagne/dinner well so often, before it begins to get STALE and if things are STALE she might get BORED and LEAVE. These are thoughts that men have, I promise. So Sean Thomas started painting, and he wound up with this mural for his wife, which would have been all well and good except his wife then said, “Okay, you have to keep doing this,” and you can never, ever say no to a wife’s request, unless it’s something like “Keep hitting yourself in the head with that hammer,” and you should probably leave that lady anyway, pal, she means you harm. But Sean Thomas was stuck, then. So he kept painting. Now the fruits of his labors will be all over the Strawberry Festival on Saturday, and if you’re so inclined, you can stop by and pick one up, because there will be more where that came from, because now Sean Thomas is stuck. (FULL ARTICLE: Jaci Webb, Billings Gazette)