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Student Work This Month at Detroit Institute of Arts

Arts funding is being slashed everywhere, echoing and fueling the emergent narrative that America has somehow become too dependent on things which are viewed as fun, like learning to paint, as opposed to things that are deemed less fun, like, I don’t know, learning how to build bridges or make chemicals, which are things that are not fun at all, uh-uh, no way. One could argue that a well-run public education system should be able to support both areas of instruction, but that line of reasoning’s not going to get you anywhere these days, mister, so zip it before China eats our lunch. Anyway, a little bit of research will prove the eminent validity of funding the arts in schools – and by “arts” we mean ” actual instruction”, not “here, smash this clay for awhile” – and the metro Detroit area should, thus, feel free to head down to DIA at any point before June 3 to take a look at the 300+ student works that are on display. (FULL ARTICLE: Michael H. Hodges, Detroit News)