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Sundance 2012 Levels Its Gaze at the Economy

The Sundance Film Festival’s 28th edition starts January 19 in Park City, and, in a distinct case of the mixture as before, films dealing with the American, ah, “economy” – both features and documentaries – are once again likely to take center stage and sparkle in the pointillist glow of a thousand reflected diamonds. Although, in another one of those odd concentric coincidences, little pictures like last year’s Margin Call that otherwise might have been marginalized in favor of bigger, flashier films filled with things that go “Pow!” and “Smash!” and “Ouch!” now have a significantly better chance of getting noticed – and, maybe, picked up – all because the economy fell apart and no one in Hollywood has any money any more. (FULL ARTICLE: Michelle Kung, The Wall Street Journal)