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Surrealist-themed “Exquisite Corpse” Is Unearthed at MoMA

The Surrealists played this parlor game, exquisite corpse, wherein a group of artists would each draw on one part of a folded piece of paper, and then when everyone was done with his or her part, they’d unfold the paper and behold the monstrosity they’d created. I’ve played it a couple of times. It was probably more fun when you could still get real absinthe. Nonetheless, it is a kick and a half to see a whole room of surrealist and surrealist-inspired sketches and etchings all at once, and the Museum of Modern Art’s got that opportunity for you now, if you’re so inclined; the taut little Exquisite Corpse: Drawing and Disfiguration exhibition is up at MoMA through July 9. (FULL ARTICLE: Karen Rosenberg, The New York Times)