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Swiss Artist Would Like a Million Dollars So That He Can Bury a Plane In the California Desert, Please

Like this, but buried in the desert

Christoph Büchel, who is from Switzerland, will be seeking donations for his new project Terminal at the Frieze New York show this weekend, a project in which Büchel will bury a decommissioned 727 in the Mojave desert, for Art. He’s looking for a million and a half dollars. Should he complete the project, visitors will be able to walk down into the buried plane, look out the windows at dirt, and use the toilet, because why not drive out to the middle of the desert to do those things. If you’re not willing to wait for that, you can head to Randall’s Island for Frieze NY and see another of Büchel’s pieces, 1% , which consists of six shopping carts that Buchel bought from homeless people in New York that he plans to sell for “100 times” what he paid for them, a move which will address “issues” such as “the distribution of wealth”, which is true, in the sense that it will “distribute” “wealth” into Büchel’s pockets. (FULL ARTICLE: Gareth Harris, The Art Newspaper)