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Sylvie Guillem Will Soon Be Gone Again, New York, But You Get One More Chance

Dancers, like professional athletes, age differently than the rest of us do. Ligaments and tendons get brittle, muscles lose elasticity, reflexes dim and slow down. This isn’t really a big deal in most professions, but the margins of excellence in fields like dance and sports are so thin that a split-second in reaction time, something that for most of us would go unnoticed, is the difference between landing the jump and missing it – or the difference between OPSing .892 and .569. Hence, you’ve got to take your chances when you can, and that goes for both the performers and the spectators. Which is a long-winded way of saying that the stellar Sylvie Guillem has been in New York for the last couple of days, and she’s 47, and she hasn’t been here since 2006, and this might be it for her as a performer. So if you’ve got some leisure time to mull, you could do far worse than to spend tomorrow evening with Ms. Guillem at Lincoln Center, watching her dance “6,000 miles away.” (FULL ARTICLE: Robert Johnson, Newark Star Ledger)