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T. Lang’s New ‘Mother/Mutha’ Has an Unsettling Genesis

In the pantheon of expletives, “motherfucker” has always had a certain cachet, due probably to the rhythm of its four syllables, or maybe the fact that in certain circumstances, it doesn’t sound much like an insult at all. Which is not to suggest that anyone go around tossing it into the air willy-nilly, because people will either think you have Tourette syndrome and be afraid of you, or they will take umbrage and hurl things at you, and if you say it to N.W.A., they will shoot you with a shotgun. No matter what, your chances of making it home unscathed will diminish. Although if the explanation that T. Lang’s uncle laid on her last year is true – that it derives from the breeding plantations that existed in the slave years, places that existed solely to breed specific slaves with other specific slaves and gave not a damn about such things as incest, and I’m sure you can see where this is going – then maybe we should all stop using it completely, because that’s dark and ugly even for the slave years. Lang, though, has transmuted this unfortunate knowledge into a new abstract dance piece, Mother/Mutha, which will premiere at the Goat Farm on Thursday. (FULL ARTICLE: Andrew Alexander, Creative Loafing Atlanta)