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The Canucks are Coming to Mass MoCA

I am allowed to say that. I have (somewhat watered-down) Canadian blood in my veins. You probably should not. Ah, what the hell, “canuck” is a funny word. Go for it. See how inherently receptive and easy-going the Canadian psyche is, even in us part-Canadians? And I’m usually very, very cranky. Imagine, then, if you will, how blissed-out and relaxed Mass MoCA will be this summer, when they essentially give themselves over to the Great White North for the Oh, Canada multimedia exhibition/extravaganza, which will offer up all sorts of bands, the work of sixty-two artists, and tons of other goodies, I’m sure, because this is an exhibition about Canada, and Canada does things right. Just don’t bring up Gretzky’s face. (FULL ARTICLE: Larry Rohter, ArtsBeat, The New York Times)