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The Colorado Symphony Is Going Walkabout This Summer

photo Cyrus McCrimmon

You are in luck if you have ever wanted to hear the Colorado Symphony Orchestra play “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” at the Clyfford Still Museum, because that is a thing that might just happen this summer. Wait, no, I was wrong, they will only play “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” at Red Rocks. The CSO’s string section will play chamber music at the Still (which is fitting, because Still apparently loved chamber music). The orchestra’s got quite a lot of other things planned, as well – western music at Boettcher Hall and a John Williams tribute at Red Rocks, as well, which, especially, that starts at 7:30, not long before sunset. Picture the theme to “Indiana Jones” playing over that backdrop. Also, this is particularly good news, because it’s been awhile since the CSO had a real presence on the Denver summer scene. Or so I hear. (FULL ARTICLE: Ray Mark Rinaldi, The Denver Post)