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The Culprit is Contrite as RingtoneGate Comes To a Close

So the New York Times, because this is what they do, found the man whose iPhone interrupted the Philharmonic’s performance of Mahler’s 9th the other night, and as you might have expected, the gent is ashamed and mortified and extremely apologetic, you betcha. (Here’s a rough approximation of what it might have sounded like; thanks, Hanshorseback.) Fine; the guy shouldn’t feel like he can never again go to a classical concert just because his company switched his Blackberry for an iPhone the day before the concert, which didn’t give him enough time, apparently, to learn the vagaries of his new toy. (So maybe don’t take it to the show with you?) If there’s a long-term takeaway from this, it’s that we should probably start reminding ourselves that our behavior has consequences, and when we go to a show or a play or whatever, we’re sharing that experience with the people around us. Okay? That’s a fact. Those bodies around you, they’re not just background noise and irritation, and you are not some precious little snowflake. Having the ability to do something does not necessarily mean that you should do it. A society is only as good as the people that comprise it. Turn off the damned phone. (FULL ARTICLE: Daniel J. Wakin, The New York Times)