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The Insanity of the Hideout’s Improv Marathon: 43 Straight Hours, Starting Tomorrow at 5

photo by Michael Yew

We speak here from experience: The Hideout Theatre might be nuts. We say this because once, in high school, just to see what it was like, we stayed up for four days straight on a regimen of black coffee and No-Doz and quiche and more black coffee. It took weeks to recover. We didn’t even do anything strenuous. The Hideout Theatre, on the other hand – they’re only going for 43 hours, not the 96 that fueled the raft of madness we floated around on some years ago, but they’re going to be doing improv the whole time. And they’ve done it before, so they should clearly know better. But hey, look – the show’s for a great cause, and there’s a different one each hour, and it’s flexible (if you buy the all-access pass, you can just dip in and out at will), and you just know something bizarre and unforeseen is going to take place. (FULL ARTICLE: Robert Faires, Austin Chronicle)