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The Mike Kelley ‘Mobile Homestead’ Will Happen

Mike Kelley took his own life, apparently, in January of this year, and regardless of the finality of that act for Kelley personally, it also threw into flux Kelley’s planned Mobile Homestead, a project planned in conjunction with the Detroit Museum of Contemporary Art that sought to replicate Kelley’s childhood home in as precise a fashion as possible – exact dimensions, exact furnishings, that sort of thing. (Also, a pair of subterranean floors that Kelley planned to use as a studio/cave.) This thing had been in the works for awhile, but Kelley’s unfortunate fate caused it to grind to a halt, as things do at such a time; happily, MCA Detroit has teamed with two European arts foundations to secure funding, and the project will get underway next month with an eye toward a 2013 opening. Part of the house will be mobile, and will ride the streets of Detroit; the rest will be established permanently on a lot behind MCA Detroit. (FULL ARTICLE: Randy Kennedy, ArtsBeat, The New York Times)