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There Are Words On Fire in Your City, Santa Fe

Not literally, of course, but the situation bears looking into all the same. Said situation is this year’s Words Afire!, the annual festival that showcases MFA candidates from UNM’s Dramatic Writing program, allowing them to expose their most promising new work to the vicious, unyielding scrutiny of the public. (Hey, it’s a living.) Things get underway this evening at 7:30 with the main stage production of Law Chavez’ Oedipus-inspired Señora de la Pinta; this is Words Afire!’s only full production for the 2012 edition, but there are a handful of directed readings and book release parties, too, and all of these plays relate to New Mexico in one way or another, that’s this year’s theme, so, civic pride, you know, and support for up-and-coming artists. (FULL ARTICLE: Christie Chisholm,