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This Spring at the New Museum: Women

Late spring, becoming early summer, to be more precise, as the last of the four exhibits closes on July 1. That said, it’s a fairly unique situation that the New Museum finds itself in at the moment; without particularly intending it (which is to say that this isn’t some explicit theme or anything like that) at the moment each one of the museum’s four main galleries is dedicated to a female artist. Which is pretty cool. Lest you think we’re delving into any sort of cro-mag lumping of ladies together just cuz they’re LADIES and that makes them THE SAME, rest assured that that’s pretty much where the similarities begin and end: there’s a sculptor and a filmmaker and a painter, and Studio 231 has Nathalie Djurberg’s eerie and demonic birds. (FULL ARTICLE: Dorothy Spears, The New York Times)