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This Weekend, The DSO Might Play ‘Bawitdaba’

illustration by James Hollar

Have it in your heads now, too! DE BANG DE DANG DIGGY DIGGY something something UP JUMP THE BOOGIE. In one of those synergistic collaborations that spring up between orchestras and rock musicians every once in awhile – usually as a way to get the orchestra a little bump in funding, and good for them – the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Leonard “Badass” Slatkin, is getting together with Kid Rock this weekend at the Fox Theatre, which is heady company for the guy that recorded Early Morning Stoned Pimp. Of course, Leonard Slatkin is totally a badass, so maybe this is just a natural progression, and soon the two of them will buy matching Harleys and do wheelies down Woodward Avenue. (FULL ARTICLE: Adam Graham, The Detroit News)