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Title Notwithstanding, ‘Off the Beaten Path’ Is Very Serious Indeed

Ray Mark Rinaldi has a point: you see a traveling exhibition called Off the Beaten Path that’s subtitled “Violence, Women and Art”, you might be compelled to think: wait, it’s really called Off the Beaten Path? Take a minute and look over the lineup of artists, though, and the gravity of OtBP becomes fairly obvious: Abramovic, Ono, Susan Plum, Louise Bourgeois, Laylah Ali: those, just the most bold-faced among the twenty-some participants. (There’s screenings and readings, too.) The fact that it’s dealing with domestic violence, too – which seriously, people, stop beating each other, we’re supposed to be better than this – if you’re in Denver, you should maybe make the time to go check it out. (FULL ARTICLE: Ray Mark Rinaldi, The Denver Post)