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Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra Will Play a Requiem For Last Year’s Storm

Time goes, and it goes fast. Does it speed up as you get older? Physics would suggest it doesn’t, but physics has been hitting the top-shelf stuff, apparently, because: it does. Shut up with your naysaying, it does. Anyway, that picture over there is a little tiny representation of what sort of hell the sky unleashed on Tuscaloosa, Alabama just about a year ago, and in commemoration of the anniversary, the Tuscaloosa Symphony will debut Joseph Landers’ Sinfonia da Requiem on a program with Beethoven’s 9th on April 23 at Moody Hall, U of A Tuscaloosa. The requiem’s a special commission by the TSO, and Mr. Landers says he wrote it specifically to be followed by the Bee’s 9th, which makes us wonder if Joseph Landers is a stormchaser in his free time, because electing to have your symphonic work followed by Beethoven is ridiculously courageous, or insane, one of the two. (FULL ARTICLE: Michael Huebner, The Birmingham News)