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Uh-Oh, ‘Leap of Faith’ Was Nominated for Best Musical

Leap of Faith, which is a musical based on a 1992 Steve Martin film about a fraudulent faith healer – yes, it is – opened officially on April 26 to less-than-glowing notices. These reviews, surprisingly, have not turned Leap of Faith into a box-office smash. Logically, the musical would then run the usual course, play a couple of dozen performances and fade away with dignity – hey, it didn’t work. It happens every season. But the Tony nominations have thrown a wrench into the works: Leap of Faith is one of four shows up for Best Musical. Considering the field, it probably – no pun intended – doesn’t have a prayer of winning, but now the producers are up against it, because how do you close the show before next month’s Tony Awards? So now the producers need more funding for a show that has, thus far, been “bleeding money,” which is probably not the sort of phrase you want attached to your production if you’re trying to score even more money to keep it alive. (FULL ARTICLE: Michael Riedel, The New York Post)