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Wall-to-Wall Robert Bresson at the National Gallery of Art

Robert Bresson pretty much created bleak and desparing French cinema, the kind that instantly springs to mind when someone says, “Hey, French film!” (See? It just happened to you, didn’t it?) Bresson’s films are largely uncompromising, philosophical and spiritual undertakings that are, at best, not for everyone. But he was a serious, serious artist – Godard once said “As Dostoevsky is the Russian novel, Bresson is French cinema” – and so it’s not just a wallow in the mud and mire. Besides, everyone needs to see a depressing French film once in awhile. Make particular note of the Au Hasard, Balthazar/Mouchette double feature on March 18. You’ll understand why the French drink so much wine after you get done with those two. (FULL ARTICLE: Lindsay Zoladz, Washington CityPaper)