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We Players Take Over Angel Island State Park for ‘Odyssey’

James Udom in "Odyssey on Angel Island", Mark Kitaoka photo

Google “don’t like site-specific theater” and you get one lonely hit. Granted, site-specific – “environmental”, if you prefer – productions aren’t universally successful by any means, but we’d still venture that, done well, it’s a little more interesting to see, say, The Tempest outside on an island than in Ye Olde Standard Theatre. Witness, also, the boffo run that Sleep No More, which is not only site-specific but interactive, continues to have at the McKittrick Hotel in New York; the show opened last April for, ha-ha, a six-week run and is now scheduled to close on July 24, although if that happens we’ll fall down twitching, because that thing shows no signs of going anywhere. At its best, site-specific shows are a way of shaking off the dust. Witness the We Players, who did Hamlet on Alcatraz in 2010 to wide acclaim and are now embarked upon what might be an even more ambitious undertaking, a 5.5-hour long Odyssey that roams all over Angel Island State Park. (FULL ARTICLE: Chad Jones, San Francisco Chronicle)