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While We’re At It, Let’s Talk Delacorte

The Delacorte turns 50 this year! Yay! Fifty years ago we were still putting men who had the Right Stuff into tin cans and shooting them into space on rockets, which is not something we do any more, so… hooray, future? (We did go to the Moon a few times, once, which was neat.) Marilyn Monroe, she was fifty years ago, and President Kennedy, and the Baby Boom, and cars with HUGE fins on them, and something called “bobby-soxers”, too, I don’t know what that is. Anyway. The Delacorte has not gone anywhere, of course, it’s still smack-dab firmly in the middle of Central Park, and this year’s edition of Shakespeare in the Park gets going on June 5 with As You Like It, which means it is summer, almost, so let’s listen to some eminences talk about how it was Back In The Day, shall we? Also: if you go to see Shakespeare in the Park, do not be in any way claustrophobic. (FULL ARTICLE: Eric Grode, The New York Times)