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Why Denver for “Yves Saint Laurent”? Because Denver, That’s Why

Julie M. Rodriguez has already hit on this, but we’ll mention it again because we want to: If you’re at all interested in seeing the upcoming Yves St. Laurent exhibition, which “brought lines of up to two hours when it debuted in Paris in 2010”, start making your travel plans, because it’s going to be at the Denver Art Museum until July 8, and that’s it for America. No New York, no L.A., no Boston, no Cleveland, no Dallas, just Denver. This has of course caused some people to wonder, in that gauche way, “Why Denver?” To which St. Laurent’s business and life partner, Pierre Berge, replied thusly: Why not Denver? I asked them first. I love Denver. We like to imagine he then threw out a little Gallic smile and dismissed all further questions with a wave of his perfectly manicured hand. (Ann Binlot, ARTINFO)