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Will ‘Smash’ Save NBC’s Hide? NBC Sure Hopes So.

Poor NBC. Here they’ve got two of the best comedies on television right now (three, if when they bring Community back), and nobody is paying attention. Everyone’s too busy watching Rob Schneider get big laffs over at CBS. So it sort of goes without saying that NBC is banking really heavily on Smash, the new show they’re debuting on February 6 that people are already calling “Glee for grownups”. Essentially a look behind the scenes at the production of a Broadway musical, it’s got a pretty impressive pedigree – it’s written and scored by actual Broadway vets, and Steven Spielberg is on board as a producer – and if all goes well, there are vague plans to try and mount the show-within-the-show on Broadway. (FULL ARTICLE: Patrick Healy, The New York Times)