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Woolly Mammoth Would Like Your Help In Freeing the Beast

Theater, thousands and thousands of pounds of theater, theater groups all across the country, new ones springing up almost every day (not all of which are replacing ones that have gone belly-up), because doing theater is fun, and going to the theater is fun, and sometimes writing for the theater is fun, even. (Sometimes, it is the exact opposite of fun.) But there’s that old saw: Don’t go into the arts for money, which is by-God bloody well true and oh, what the hell, let’s break it down a little further: You in theater = you broke. And yet: oodles of theater, from sea to shining, rippling sea. The conclusions that might be drawn from this situation are many and varied, so let’s instead focus on something much, much more specific and immediately attainable, which is that the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company has just launched a fundraising initiative, Free the Beast, aimed at raising some four million dollars, which will, the Mammoths say, allow them to produce twenty-five new plays over the next ten years. Feel free to give. (FULL ARTICLE: Jonathan L. Fischer, Washington City Paper)