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Dancer Spotlight: Stephanie Paul – Be The Groove

It is both a risk and a dream to start your own company.  You raise it like a child giving it your time and energy.  And it takes all of your experience and more to raise it.  Be The Groove, created in 2006, is the rhythmic loving child of Stephanie Paul and Davora Sides.

Stephanie Paul grew up as an athletic child.  She danced from a young age until she was …more…

Chicago International Salsa Congress

Salsa has become a global phenomenon.  In any country people can be found who appreciate the music, the dance and the culture associated with it.  Events known as Congresses or Congressos can be found all over the world from New York to Italy, Zurich, Isreal, China and Puerto Rico. Chicago’s International Salsa Congress (CISC) has come into its eleventh year with a bang. Created by Saladeen Alamin and Rosita Ragin-Alamin, …more…

January Shows

Ten, nine, eight… hold that thought.
If you have not had a chance to make your New Year’s Resolution for 2012, here’s one to start your list “Experience more art”.  After the energetic flurry of the holiday season, why not spend time with friends and family, go out and see a show.

Here are a few upcoming shows to share the love and kick off the New Year right.


Dance(E)volve: New Works hosted …more…

Chase Community Giving Chicago

Since 2009, Chase Community Giving has been donating millions of dollars to community voted charities. This season, dance companies in Chicago decided to take this fundraising opportunity to a whole new level. ...more...