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Improving the Arts in Your Hometown

Whatever your hometown is — San Francisco, Tulsa, East Hampton, NY or Brecksville, Ohio — there are many things you can do to improve your cultural life, as well as that of your friends and neighbors. If you can’t give money, you can give time, and if you can’t give time, you can give your passion. All contributions, no matter how large or small, benefit the arts in America.

Make Nearby …more…

Meet the Saints (of Chicago Theater)!

Do you love Chicago Theater? Would you like to meet others who love Chicago Theater? Would you like to be a volunteer at your favorite Chicago Theater? Then consider becoming a Saint – Chicago Style. Every year, the 1900+ members of this unique organization provides help to over eighty of the Chicago and suburban theater, dance and music organizations for a variety of activities including ushering at performances and, in …more…

Am I a Stranger Myself Here?

You’re just sitting down to see the latest Broadway show (or flop) and you think: I have a feeling that I have been in this theater before, but what for? Or how many times have I seen this show on Broadway? Or the woman playing the mother looks very familiar – what other Broadway shows has she been in?

These and lots of other questions can be answered at …more…

The Best Tip

If someone, no matter where they lived, asked us for the best Arts America tip, our answer is simple – go to the websites of your favorite cultural institutions (museums, theaters, dance groups etc.) and sign up for free email alerts. More and more non-profit (as well as profit) organizations are seeing the huge advantages of email marketing over snail mail. Email is cheaper (and greener) to send, and it …more…

Saving Money and Enjoying the Arts – The Ground Rules

You cannot see everything. Nor should you try – you will just feel overwhelmed. As long as what you are seeing (or hearing) is in your opinion worthwhile that is all that matters. You are out to have a stimulating good time, not to increase your “most concerts attended” cocktail party chatter. If this site allows you to enjoy twelve arts activities a year instead of six, then we will …more…