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Black Hawk, San Francisco

San Francisco Jazz Landmark Recognized

Though it closed its doors in 1963, a half-dozen classic recordings made at San Francisco’s Blackhawk nightclub have ensured a secure, lasting renown for the club in jazz lore. Along with other, long-gone clubs such as New York’s Royal Roost, Chicago’s Blue Note, and Philly’s Showboat and Peps’, the Blackhawk enjoys a mythic status as a club where all of the great post-war small groups played; Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, …more…


Oakland Ballet Company Forges Ahead

Oakland Ballet Company

Oakland Ballet Company lends new meaning to the word ‘resilient.’ Founded by Ronn Guidi in 1965 (as Oakland Ballet), it developed a reputation for restaging – often with the participation of the original choreographers– classic early-20th-century ballets, such as Petrouchka, Les Biches, and Les Noces. Guidi retired in 1998. In the hands of an inexperienced director, the company collapsed eight years later. In 2007, Guidi came …more…

Smuin Ballet in Ma Cong's French Twist

Smuin Ballet Presents Mesmerizing World Premiere


Smuin Ballet in Ma Cong's French Twist

Smuin Ballet has adopted the tagline “Beyond Ballet.” While it is true that the company’s dances run beyond the Romantic or classical style the word ballet generally calls to mind, much of the work is executed using traditional ballet vocabulary and all of it is performed by thoroughly trained classical dancers. Indeed, it is this that sets the late Michael Smuin’s 18-year-old troupe apart …more…


To Berkeley with Fury: Seun Kuti and Egypt 80

Last night in UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall, Seun Kuti had the crowd on its feet and dancing in the aisles to his version of Afrobeat, the music pioneered by his legendary father, Fela Kuti. While Fela! The Musical has brought new attention and perhaps a new audience to Fela’s music and story of protest, the late Black President’s legacy also survives in the music of his son, Seun (pronounce Shay-oon). …more…


SFJAZZ Spring Season Underway

The Spring season is well underway at SFJAZZ, but there is still plenty to look forward to in April, May, and June. Starting the month on a particularly strong note, the presenting company’s namesake combo, the SFJAZZ Collective, is playing Yoshi’s in Oakland on this weekend, March 31 – April 1. As great as they are, you may want to wait and catch them on Sunday so that you don’t …more…


Jovino Santos Neto joined Santos at Yoshi’s

The top Bay Area jazz happening of recent weeks was surely John Santos Sextet’s two-night stand at Yoshi’s in Oakland. While Santos is always a notable attraction in these parts, his engagement at the famous East Bay club on March 2 & 3, 2012, was one of those not-to-be-missed events whose auditors were glad they had made the trip. Upon entering the room for the first set on Friday night, it was clear that the evening was going to be a fun and collaborative one. ...more...

John Santos


This November many of us carved out time to appreciate the people in our lives and give thanks. We Bay Area jazz fans, in particular, had much to be thankful for. Although the SFJAZZ Festival is still winding down, the past months have been filled with some outstanding shows including those by Esperanza Spaulding, Robert Glasper, and McCoy Tyner. Alongside the established jazz artists were legendary Bollywood playback-singer Asha Bohsle, R&B …more…

Bay Area Arts Mailing List Exchanges Go Big

Are you a Domestic Duo, a Fast Track Family, Country Casual, or New Homesteader? Do you have “Gray Power” or belong to the “Second City Elite?”

These are just a few of the monikers used to label audience members in “The Big List,” a mailing list pool maintained by Theater Bay Area. Because 200 organizations (not all in the Bay Area) have participated in the list since 2008, if you have …more…